Ayşen Uysal, turkish academic researcher "petition for peace" signatory

We, IRISSO researchers, professors and doctoral students, had the pleasure of welcoming in June 2017, Ayşen Uysal, then Professor of Political Science at the Dokuz Eylül University in Izmir. Ayşen Uysal has signed the "petition for peace" and is being prosecuted by the judicial authorities of her country for "complicity in terrorism". She was dismissed from her university in July 2018, has no salary and cannot move freely across national borders (her passport has been withdrawn). We fully support our colleague, and beyond her, all our Turkish colleagues unjustly sanctioned and prosecuted by the Turkish academic and judicial authorities and call for their rights to be restored. 


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Our investigations cover many disciplines as Sociology, Political Science, Economy, and Media Studies since the LCP CNRS unit has joined us. Our work is particularly focused on the sociology of the economic world and public policy analysis. The IRISSO is composed of 32 academics, 15 CNRS researchers, 2 CNRS engineers, 5 temporary lecturer and research assistants, and of around 30 PhD candidates. IRISSO’s academics are engaged in many social sciences courses at Université Paris-Dauphine PSL*, spanning from undergraduate, graduate and doctorate degrees.

Dominique Méda - Director of IRISSO and Professor of Sociology

Chaire Reconversion écologique, travail, emploi et politiques sociales

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